Project :       The Kuhlman Gully Bench Project  Client:  Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance

Problem :     Clients wanted to stimulate dialog about a beautiful yet forgotten Gully is SE Houston.

Solution :     Treated the area like an archaeological dig site, cleaning the gully while collecting "artifacts",

                       then created an Award-winning public art piece built completely from litter.                                      

Inventive Solutions: 

Project:       The Graff House  Client:  Jill and Wooch Graff

Problem:     Clients wanted an indoor slide.

Solution:     Designed, built and installed indoor slide repurposed from bowling alley lane flooring ​.

Project:           A Day in the District  Client:  Washington Avenue Arts District/ Asakura Robinson

​Problem :       
Client asked for gritty, industrial, mobile, weather-proof tables, benches, art walls and a stage.  

                         It all had to break down for easy storage, be inexpensive, and 25 volunteers had to be able to

                         put it all together in under three hours....without tools.

Solution :      
Designed and built everything out of retired Home Depot scaffolding.